At Funnels, we proudly make our delicious funnel cakes with the World’s Best Funnel Cake Mix. All of our ingredients are of the freshest and highest quality to give you the best tasting funnel cake you’ll ever enjoy. Try one of our Traditional Funnel Cakes,  Gourmet Funnel Cakes or Make Your Own by adding toppings and glazes from the Funnels Bar. Our funnel cakes come in 2 sizes;

A Little Fun- 6″
A kid-friendly, personal-size funnel cake for those who don’t like to share or if you aren’t quite ready for A Lotta Fun.

A Lotta Fun- 8″
Our traditional-size funnel cake if you’re a bit more hungry or want to share with a loved one.

Traditional Funnel Cakes

Enjoy the mouth-watering taste of this classic Pennsylvania Dutch treat served with your choice of powdered or cinnamon sugar. Or try our yummy funnel cake in a different form…

Funnels Swirl
A funnel cake on a stick with powdered or cinnamon sugar.

Funnels Fries
Funnel cake strips served with powdered or cinnamon sugar and your choice of a dipping glaze from the Funnels Bar.


Gourmet Funnel Cakes

Apple Pie                                      Strawberry-Banana

Strawberry Funcake                The Elvis

S’mores                                       Cinnamon Roll  

Peanut Butter Cup                 Cookies ‘n Cream

Salted Caramel Crunch          The Peach Slap

The Hawaiian                             Bacon Me Crazy

Berries ‘n Cream                       Strawberry- Cheesecake


Stop by regularly to try our other seasonal funnel cakes and other special creations we come up with such as The Pumpkin Cheesecake in the fall…


Make Your Own- Funnels with Flair

Take our traditional funnel cake and kick it up a notch by adding your own toppings and glazes from the Funnels Bar. No idea is too crazy and the more flair the better.

Signature Sweets

The Fundae, A Fun Sundae!

A Funnels Original! We mash up two awesome treats. A fresh funnel cake split with our creamy, soft-serve vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, a cherry, and your choice of a glaze from the Funnels Bar.



The Funwich

Our creamy soft serve ice cream sandwiched between 2 mini funnel cakes. Top it with a glaze from the Funnels Bar.


Bacon Fries
Everything’s better with Bacon! Crispy bacon strips dipped in funnel cake batter and served with maple syrup.


Funnels Fritters

Delectable delights dipped in funnel cake batter, served with powdered sugar and your choice of a glaze from the Funnels Bar (Snickers Bar, Oreo Cookies, Banana, or Twinkie)