Fun Facts

•    Though the making of similar fried cakes dates back to medieval times in northern Europe, the funnel cake as we know it today, gained popularity in the US during the 1950’s and is typically associated with the Pennsylvania Dutch and their annual festival in Kutztown, PA.

•    There is currently no official record of the World’s Largest Funnel Cake. The Fun Crew is drumming up a way to establish a record with Guinness. Stay tuned…

•    In Finland, funnel cakes are called tippaleipas and are served during May Day. Try saying that 5 times fast!

•    In Canada, a similar recipe is called Beaver Tails, and in New Orleans, Beignets are a traditional funnel-type cake that is made rectangular in shape.

•    Despite being fried, a typical 6-inch funnel cake is only 300 calories. But, we all know the best way to enjoy a funnel cake is to top it with one or more of our delicious toppings and glazes from the Funnels Bar. We firmly believe that if you’re going to enjoy a Funnels funnel cake, the more the merrier.


History of the Funnels Food Truck

May 2013 – We Bought a Bus!

We searched the country for just the right truck. But it’s actually not a truck. It’s a Bus! An Orion II bus to be exact and it was previously used as a mass transit bus by the Toronto Transit Commission. We took a quick 2-day trip to Toronto to check it out and decided this was the perfect vehicle to convert to the Funnels Food Truck.  It rides on air bags that lower down to the ground, which allows our shorter customers to see inside and watch us make the world’s best funnel cakes right before their eyes.

Summer 2013 – Evolution of the Funnels Food Truck

Once the Orion 2 bus was transported from Toronto to Denver, the “surgeons” at Team 20 began the conversion process. Over the summer, they gutted it, installed plumbing, electrical, lighting, our funnel cake fryers, a soft serve machine, and created the Funnels Bar, where we offer our customers a wide selection of delicious toppings and glazes for their funnel cakes.

August 2013 – Yo Gamma Gamma!

Once the bus was converted to a mobile restaurant, it was time to turn it into the Funnels Food Truck. After a fun day of taking food pictures with the experts at Sierra Creations, the GammaBrite team in Centennial, Colorado took our funnel cake photos and created the visually stunning graphics wrap that has been turning heads and satisfying cravings all over Denver.

September 14, 2013 – Our First Event

We travelled all the way up the mountain to Georgetown for our first event, the Hot Rod Hill Climb. And in a 20,000lb truck it took a while. The day was filled with lots of fun. Everyone loved the truck, our Fun Crew, and most importantly loved the funnel cakes.


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