Business Anniversary

September 13th marks the date that the Funnels business was born! Funnels is now four years old, and we could not be be more proud and thankful of where the food truck and restaurant stand today. The Funnels Food Truck has created a reputable name in the industry as one of the top rated food trucks in Denver! Specializing in gourmet funnel cakes and other delicious funnel cake-based treats, we love supporting local events, festivals, private parties, and much more. We have had an action packed summer with the food truck! Our restaurant at The Shops at Northfield Stapleton is a thriving entity as well. We proudly wear the “badge” of being Denver’s First Gourmet Funnel Cake Restaurant. We are thankful and appreciative of all of the support our customers have given us in these past four years, and cannot wait for more to come!