Summer Fun!

Summer is known for the season full of outdoor events, festivals, concerts, movie nights, and so much more!     Being that the warmer weather has set it in, it is the perfect time of year to gather with friends and family for these types of events. On the other side of these events, is the unique vendors that come to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and businesses. Here in Denver, and around the country, food trucks have become a major scene at events year-round, but specifically in the summer. Speaking for the Funnels Food Truck and many trucks around the area, summer is our busiest season! We have been fortunate enough to attend food truck carnivals, holiday celebrations, corporate lunches, private school events, weddings, movie nights, concerts, and much more this summer. Although there are so many options for food among the food trucks in Denver, there is only one truck that offers gourmet funnel cakes. Having the Funnels Food Truck out to your event will not only make it a success, but will have everyone talking about it for a long time! We like to customize our items and menu in order to accommodate the host and for the specific event. We  love working with a wide range of events and planners. Think of us next time you are planning any kind of event; the best option to go with is always funnel cakes! Follow our Fun Stops page to see where the Funnels Food Truck will be going to next!