Our Latest Creations

Thinking simply, a funnel cake is essentially produced from very few elements; funnel cake batter and fry oil. Funnels’ whole concept is taking a simple funnel cake and “kicking it up a notch” by adding toppings such as chocolates, fruits, ice cream, glazes, etc. Our menu is created from this simple item, but we offer endless possibilities of what we can do with it. That being said, we are always trying to come up with new toppings and new treats we can fry up! This month we decided to create an addition to our Funnels Fritters team. Funnels Fritters are various items (Oreos, Twinkie, Snickers, banana) that we dip into our funnel cake batter and fry. We then powder sugar them and serve with a choice of glaze over the top. SO GOOD.

This month we are introducing the Fun Nuts! An element of the Funnels Fritters, the Fun Nuts are deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough. Cookie dough? YES, cookie dough! This sweet treat is the perfect bite size snack to enjoy during lunch on the patio, after dinner, or with a bottle of cold milk! Come enjoy the Fun Nuts at the Funnels Restaurant at the Shops at Northfield Stapleton with your friends and family! Stay tuned for our upcoming busy food truck season!