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Do you remember going to the fair or festival as a child and enjoying a warm funnel cake with powdered sugar? The smell, taste, and watching it being made were all part of enjoying a funnel cake with your family and friends. It’s a fun memory that most of us have been lucky to experience.

Welcome to Funnels!

The first gourmet funnel cake food truck in the world.

Our motto is β€œFun Food, Fun People, Fun Place!”.

We not only serve traditional funnel cakes with powdered sugar, but also serve Funnels with Flair including gourmet funnel cakes, funnel fries, funnel swirls, bacon fries, ice cream and other delicious treats like The Fundae, A Fun Sundae! The Fun Crew serves up family fun and memorable experiences. The Funnels Food Truck attends local festivals, fairs, community events, weddings, and private parties in the Denver Metro Area.

Latest Happenings

May 16, 2014
Thornton Fest- Tomorrow- 10am-5pm

Funnels is making the trek north to ThorntonFest tomorrow 10am-5pm. A great way to celebrate spring time with fun family …

May 07, 2014
Denver Day of Rock- May 24

It’s just around the corner… The Denver Day of Rock is on Saturday, May 24th, 2:30-9:30pm in Downtown Denver. Several …

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